Monday, 4 February 2013

Microsoft will stop developing DirectX XNA to focus on

When announced in 2004, XNA seemed a revolution . A library easy to use to develop games for Windows and Xbox 360, especially aimed at independent developers. With the release of Windows Phone, XNA was extended to support the mobile system, so that they could make games for multiple platforms share much of the code. however, Microsoft has decided to stop developing XNA , and instead will focus on DirectX. The movement is quite logical, especially considering the integration that is taking place between DirectX (Direct3D, rather) and. NET, and the fact that XNA was lagging far behind in power and features.

As for the implications for developers, I do not think they are very large. XNA still available (not until April 2014 when withdrawn positions MVP in XNA ), so there is plenty of time to go migrating applications that have . In addition, all Microsoft platforms and integrate Direct3D to perfection, so no problem on that.

Another advantage is that perhaps this could improve and sort the real chaos is Direct3D (in general, all graphics libraries are a mess, if you are interested in the subject this is a good read ). Will have to see if Microsoft makes a major announcement in the coming months on this issue, although I do not think there's any surprise beyond "we will continue with Direct3D on all our platforms."

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